Confinement III

Live Performance at Glassworks Derry as part of Equinox to Equinox 2018 curated by Bbeyond

I had this sculpture that I had carried with me for a long time. I was asked to do a solo performance, my first I believe in 2018. Perhaps it was for comfort or perhaps there was something unresolved but I decided that I would embody that sculpture. I thought that perhaps I could go inside of it.

On the night I spend some time carefully inserting myself into the paper structure. I waited in there, in my chrysalis, for transformation, the audience waited too.

Slowly I emerged and broke the silence with a long rambling monologue about beauty. I went on and on, until eventually I bowed out.

Confinement I&II was created in 2004

Found yarns woven and braided, accumulated paper for 9 months

A decision,
Trapped, stuck, pinned,
Time to run away
Leave it behind, forget

I cried just once,
The day before I went
And then for 3 months
Healed and breathed

I swam and ran
Danced and played
Ate and drank and joked
And saw beauty

Then back, back to it all,
Carpets and bills
And meals from frozen
Like nothing had happened

The beach, the waves
The freedom
Remake my escape
Or live with confinement

It was exhibited in 2009 at Arts with other works from the series