Barriers As Support for Collapsible Humans

Barriers as Support for Collapsible Humans

At grüntaler9, Berlin, PODO Festival 2023, Live performance (60 minutes) with audio by Drew Cox, photography by Anja Ibsch

Barriers as Support for Collapsible Humans began in late 2022 during a weekly BBDB performance at Society Street in Derry. For one year, each week I explored this phrase through movement, sound and stillness. Before and after the performances I drew and wrote. I translated between Irish (Gaeilge) and English and back again and played with the sound of words. I am grateful to James King who took many of the photographs below.

The final performance in Berlin was a distillation of all that I had accumulated over the year. By coincidence I met percussionist Drew Cox in the summer of 2023 who I invited to create a piece of audio for this final performance.

Notes from my sketchbook: